I’m Keith Peters. If you know me at all, you probably know me from http://www.bit-101.com, or Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation, Making Things Move!, one of several books I wrote on Flash ActionScript. At BIT-101 I talk mostly about Flash or other programming or anything else vaguely related to development or technology. This blog will be an outlet for everything else.

As of late 2009, this has mainly become my running / fitness blog. Not to say that I won’t occasionally talk about other life stuff, but you’re going to see a preponderance of running related stuff here. Be forewarned.

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  • Scott says:

    Waiting for an update…results wont be posted on net. I came in 34min 51 sec, My best pace and getting ready for Cohasset 10K , April 11th

  • Scott says:

    oooops found it

  • Tom Manning says:

    I just stumbled on your website as a result of looking for AS 3.0 books at Amazon. Lo and behold I find a runner too. I’m a teacher (Flash among other things) and am a runner (for the past 30 years or so!) Great to see there’s another runner-geek as me. Keep up the good work.


  • Mark Hayton says:

    I tried your SWFSheet on some file I need converted to sprite sheets..
    They load but the images are offset.. the 0,0 is in the middle of my images and I cannot find a way to change the x,y off-set to correct for this.. I know these SWFs are older than version 9 but I cannot upgrade them.. I can send you one of the files or a screen shot of whats happening.. if I can get the offset problem fixed then I would really use your program to create allot of sprite sheets..


  • Do you have a way we i can contact you, i have a question about the flash N game you were part of, i dont know who to contact, so trying with you =)


  • Hi, I have been reading your book ‘Playing with chaos’, I have been following you since bit 101, I learned a lot trying to simulate your AS experiments, I didn’t find another way to contact you, I just want to say Hi and thank you for the information you share, I have just started my own blog of experiments, take a look at http://www.ferflores.net , there is your name in my first post.

    Have a nice day.

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Keith
    I hired you years ago to develop this excellent Flash Geography game for a non-profit (backed by NatGeo) and I’d like to chat with you.


  • Peter Cheng says:

    Hi Keith,

    We are a start-up company located in Beijing China and our goal is to make the world better through Flash/Html5. We are commiting into several big events and hope to build connection with you so we may share thoughts to each other. Currently our main business are in three fields: 1. We created a game engine solution called LAYA and it is all Java Script and html5 and browser based. Built on Laya and running the game on Laya browser could have better performance and animation than those of App built on Cocos2d. And, yes, all of games on LAYA engine will be web games running on Laya broswer and we hope to erase the app games from the world of mobile Internet. 2. We created a convertor transfering 99.8% of AS3 code to H5, and we are building a platform to host all H5 games that were or to be transfered by our convertor; 3. All H5 games that is not built from Laya engine but running on Laya browser alone has better performance and animation effects than those on all other main stream broswsers. So one fraction of our business is to sell and embed Laya browser to browsers of big companies. Currently, Tencent, one of the biggest Internet company in China, has embedded Laya tech into their own browsers. And business contacts are still going on with other companies.

    We believed you are one of the men who has big influence on AS3 technology and many of us are influenced by your Flash animation/move technology. Since Laya may have big effects on Chinese Flash/AS3 community and we believed we could somehow re-animate the Flash/AS3 industry, we are wondering if you are interested in having further contacts with us? I have left my email address to you, but our website is raw.

    On April 2015 (subject to change) we are to sponsor an international conference with subjects of Flash/H5 and we are considering to invite you. We hope you can give us your contact information through email.


    Peter Cheng

  • Frances Rosenbluth says:

    Keith, I’d like to use your beautiful 2008 photo of the Iga Mountains for my book on the effect of war on politics. Would that be possible?

    Frances Rosenbluth

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