More cutting, planing, grooving

Jun 09 2014

Some of my other cut wood did warp a bit, as you can see in this picture.


Mostly just the 1/4″ pieces, and it’s not too bad. Once I cut these down to size, it will be far less of a bend on each piece and I left enough extra thickness so I can plane them flat with no problem.

But next up is eight more thick pieces. Cut these to length and went about planing the hell out of them.


The process is basically to flatten one surface. That becomes your reference surface. Then you flatten an adjacent edge, making it exactly 90 degrees to the first one. Now you have two flat, square sides. Then you use a marking gauge to mark a line to the exact width you want that piece and plane down to that line, cutting first if need be. Then the same thing on the final side. Now you have four flat sides that are completely square. Double check your length and squareness of the ends and you’re golden. These pieces are all about 1/4″ too thick but only about 1/16″ extra in width. So lots of shavings from the 1/4″ side.



These all get a single groove too.



Power tool users would use a table saw or a router to cut grooves like that. But I’ll tell you, using that plough plane is the coolest thing in the world. I’m actually sad that the grooves are all done for this project. It’s so fun to use that thing.

As a preview of where this is going, these pieces will fit with the original grooved pieces like so:




As you can see, the grooves match up, and two long pieces and two of the short ones form a frame with the groove all around the inside. And no, they’re not supposed to be the same width. That’s not a mistake.

Next up, I’ll be cutting some mortise and tenon joints to put all those together. Fun!

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