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May 29 2014

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Jumping quickly over the repetitive stuff, I cut two more stopped dadoes on the other side of the handle and put in a half-height divider.




So far, everything on this project has gone almost perfectly, which is scary. There’s almost always some major screw up at some point. I can usually work around it, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m just waiting for it. All that’s left is the handle and bottom. Maybe this will be one of those ones that just works out well all the way through.

I hadn’t settled on a design for the handle, so I got some feedback and help from the wife. Here’s what we came up with. I like it.


I transferred that onto the board itself, and now I’m ready to hack away all the wood that doesn’t look like a handle.



And now I go to town with my full arsenal – chisels, coping saw, rasps, files, spokeshave, sandpaper. I could have knocked this out in a fraction of the time with my bandsaw, but I’ve done this all without electron power so far. Not going to give in now.




One side done. Called it a night. Looking good. I’ll do the other side tonight, then I’ll need to figure out how to best cut out that handle hole. It would be a breeze with a scroll saw, but again, those pesky electrons. I’ll probably bore a couple of holes and then use the coping saw to rough it out, then finesse it with rasps, files, sandpaper.

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