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May 28 2014

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I left of last time, the dadoes were cut in the end pieces to fit the center divider / handle piece, and that piece was gluing up. When that was done, I planed it down flat and squared a couple of edges. Then I cut the third edge to length. And in it slid.




Nothing to complain about here. Next, one of the sides of this will have two dividers. These will also slot into dadoes. So apart the box came again, lines drawn and cut for those slots. On the side piece, the slots go full length. But on the handle, they’ll stop at the same height as the sides. After marking them up, I chiseled them out and cleaned it all up with the router plane.



Next, the box goes back together again, and I slide the center piece in. This allows me to measure the size for the dividers themselves. I’d actually planned for 1/4″ thick dividers here, but remembered that too late.


Finally, I cut out the dividers, squared them up and in they slid.




And that’s it for today. The other side of the box will have a single, half-height divider in the center. So a couple more smaller dadoes to cut tomorrow. Then I’ll need to cut out the handle itself, and prepare a bottom board. I’m still playing around with various ideas for exactly how I want the handle to look, but that’s coming up soon, so I guess I better decide.

Part 5 can be found here.

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