Rockin’ Out

Aug 12 2012

The history of my musical activity, or lack thereof: When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, I played the recorder in school. Some time during grade school I also took a few guitar lessons at the local YMCA, but gave up on it pretty quickly. A few years ago I made a brief attempt to learn Reason, even bought me an midi keyboard to hook up to my computer, but I really had no idea what I was doing and mostly just messed around with filters, making interesting noises.

It’s always bothered me that I’ve never been able to play any musical instrument. For some time I’ve been carrying around the though that if I were to do it all over again, that’s one thing I would change. But recently I suddenly found myself asking myself, “Why not just start now?” And this new thought has been brewing for a little while. So today I went out and bought me a guitar.

That there is a Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar. It’s nothing to get all excited about. Run of the mill beginner model that cost just $200. And added about the same amount onto that for the case, stand, pics, tuner, strap, extra strings, how-to book, etc.

My goal: to be able to sit down and play a handful of songs – maybe some Beatles, Dylan, a bit of Johnny Cash perhaps. For myself, family, maybe if I’m somewhere and there’s a guitar I could pick it up and play something. I’ve always admired anyone who could play any instrument. It’d just be pretty cool to know I could make some nice noise come out of it if I needed to.

Started off a bit this afternoon – tuned it up and started picking a few notes and melodies. Not nearly as hard as I’d thought it’d be. My left hand fingers would disagree though. Some nice blisters going on already.

Well, that’s about it for that. Not sure there will be too many updates on this subject. I do hope I keep up with it, but doubt I’ll be doing anything majorly newsworthy with it. 🙂

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