Half Marathon Week 1

Jul 31 2011

Made it through the first week of training. 27.7 miles overall. Pushing it in terms of the old 10% rule since my high a couple weeks before was just under 23, but two of those runs I did with my 8 year old daughter, Kristine, which made 6 of those miles far slower than I’d ever go by myself. That’s gotta count for something.

I’m doing the advanced program from Hal Higdon this time out. I’ve done the intermediate plan 3 times now and was looking for some more variety. This plan has it. For instance, in the past week, I did three 3-milers, a 6x hill repeat workout, a 40 minute tempo run, and a 90 minute long run. Next week I’ll be doing two 3-milers, 7×400 meter repeats, a 45 minute tempo run, a 3 mile race pace run, and another 90 minute long run. Keeps things interesting. I’ll probably do another one of those 3 milers with Kris again.

Today’s long run was what Hal calls a 3/1 run. This means you do 3 parts as a regular long slow run, and the final 1/4 of the time you do at race pace. So I did 7 miles that hovered around 9:30, give or take 20 seconds, and banged out the last 3 well under 9:00. The last one was 8:20, which I can’t complain about. The course I did is one of my favorite 10 mile course. I head west on Washington Street down to Wellesley Square (about 3 miles), then bear right, going north of the college, then cut south at Pond Road. ┬áPond Road is a one mile, hilly, narrow street, heavily wooded on both sides. No sidewalks, but it sees very little traffic. Today, in fact, the only traffic I saw on it was other runners and bikers. You pass by Lake Waban briefly, giving you a view of Wellesley College, and at the end there is a farm with cows on the right and horses on the left. Then I bang a left back to the square, and then straight back home. A good chunk of this runs along the Boston Marathon course, which is always inspiring.

In other news, I got me a new pair of shoes this weekend. I’ve been running with my Newton Sir Isaacs for the last few weeks, and really getting used to them. My form has really improved and I know that I’m running lighter, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. I’m not saying the Newtons get all the credit for this. They help you achieve good form, but I’ve been studying and practicing and putting a lot of attention and focus on running form over the last few weeks. But I feel like the Newtons are just a stepping stone for me on my path to something a bit simpler. I’ve been eyeing the New Balance Minimus line for a few weeks now. I finally made it over to the local New Balance store yesterday and picked me up a pair.

As much as I was itching to wear these today, I wasn’t going to dive into a new shoe on a ten miler. So I have these babies to look forward tomorrow morning on my easy 3 miler. Yes, I’ve become a running shoe geek.

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