Walk, Run, or Crawl 5K

Jul 23 2011

My third 5K of the summer. Cranking these things out!

With this one came a couple of new PRs.

5K PR of 23:10. This is 26 seconds faster than I did at Schofield on June 5. Yay me! My secondary goal was to beat 23:00. Didn’t quite make that, but that’s actually goal for 2011, so I still have some time. Happy to come so close this early in the year.

My Garmin also says I did 7:03 in mile 2, which is an unofficial mile PR. I’ll take it. 🙂

Miranda and Kris also ran this race and both got PRs as well. Kris did 29:55, breaking 30 for the first time, and this was Miranda’s first time running a 5K race (she walked one a few weeks ago), so her time of 38:43 was also a PR.

The race was in Franklin, MA, which is quite a hike from our house, so we were up and out early. We’ve been in the middle of a heat wave with 99 degrees F for a couple of days. Originally the heat was supposed to break today and be in the low 80’s, but that changed back to yet another 99 F day.

When we got to the site, the sky looked pretty ominous.

Those clouds don't look good.

As we waited for things to get going, lightning started flashing and thunder booming. Before long, the drops started. Then, about 25 minutes before the starting time, the skies opened up. Everyone huddled under the various tents set up, and under the eaves of the school building. The storm passed right over us, with some of the lightning sounding pretty close. Having hundreds of people in an open field under tents in a lightning storm did not sound like a good idea.

But a few minutes before race time, things magically cleared up. People cheered and walked out from under the safety of the tents and headed to the starting line. The start was delayed a few minutes. Then, as the starter was giving directions, BAM, the skies opened up again! This was going to be a wet one! And it was. It completely downpoured the entire way. The street was filled with puddles. But hey, it was better than 99 degrees and muggy!

After the first minute or so, as I was running comfortably, I did a pace check and saw I was going something like 6:43. Danger! Too fast! Slow down! I wanted to do 7:20, which should put me under 23:00. I slowed down enough to put my lap pace back down to 7:20 by about the .5 mile mark. But then there was a hill for a good chunk of the rest of mile one. That slowed me down to about 7:23 for the first mile. Still enough to just barely squeak under 23:00 though.

Not sure what happened in mile two. I tried to keep it at 7:20 or a bit lower, but somehow would up doing 7:03 for that mile. There were some nice downhills there. I must have really sped up on them.

Mile three became, once again, the hold on mile. 7:20 wasn’t happening on this one, but I figured I’d bought some time in mile two. As we were nearing the end, I stopped looking at the watch all together. Just tried to give it all I had. I passed a woman, and then she passed me. Then I caught up to her again and we ran in step for a while. I knew there was a right turn coming up that would put us in sight of the finish line. We had a brief conversation about where that damn turn was. Street after street came into view and people kept going straight. Finally, people were turning. I reached deep and gave a final surge and pulled away from my brief acquaintance. As I ran toward the final clock, I saw that 22:59 was going to be just out of my reach. I heard the woman behind me, thinking she was going to make a final play to pass me. But when I quickly turned my head back, she was urging me forward, “Go! Go!” I sprinted across the finish line at 23:10. I owe 2-3 seconds to her.

Before the race and the rain

So, results were:

Official time: 23:10. 7:28 pace.
Place: #48 out of 353.
Age Group: #9 out of 28 males 40-49.

I’m pretty happy with all that.

Shortly after the three of us were finished, the rain stopped again and the sun came out and stayed out. The race is a cancer charity race and seemed like it had a small budget. No chip timing, etc. But after the race, they opened up the school and gave us a sit down catered lunch of sandwiches, macaroni salad, chips, and water in the cafeteria. That was a really nice touch.

Next up is not until the end of August, the Tavern to Tavern 5K in Cambridge. I’ll be running alongside Kris in that one, as I don’t think letting her run through the streets of Central, Harvard, and Porter Squares by herself is a great idea.

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  • elodie says:

    WooHOO!! PR and top 10 AG finish! Pretty soon it’ll be time to cherry pick some races for an AG podium place… 🙂 Love the final pic with Kris, and how awesome does it feel to run a race with the both of them?! Nice job on that one, Keith. 🙂

  • Keith Peters says:

    Thanks Elodie.

    Yes, I’d love to get up there in the top 3. Even cherry picking, I’d most likely have to beat 20:00 to get there, and that’s not happening immediately. Maybe another year or two though. 🙂

  • Keith Peters says:

    Oh, and yeah! Getting the whole family involved is awesome. They are both hooked.

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