Japan. Last day and back home

Jun 10 2008

Sunday, didn’t do a whole lot. Checked email at the library. Obaachan took us to a really nice Japanese restaurant. Packed. Chilled out.

Monday, got up, finished last minute packing and headed out. Felt really sad to leave, but excited to get back home to normality.

We got to the airport way too early (Miranda likes airports :)). But Nagoya Airport is pretty cool. Lots of neat shops and restaurants. The flight back to San Francisco was about 9.5 hours. I slept most of it. There was a four hour layover in SF. Got on crappy T-Mobile Wifi which kept disconnecting me every 10 minutes and then not remembering my password to re-login. But it was awesome to walk around the airport and be able to read everything I saw! The little things you take for granted. 🙂 Another 5.5 hour flight back to Boston, which felt like a short shuttle ride, then a cab ride home.

Didn’t realize it got so hot here while we were gone. The apartment was locked up tight and was a sauna. Caught up on email, popped some melatonin and slept like a baby.

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