Japan Day 7 and 8. Ninjas really are totally awesome!

Jun 06 2008

Spent most of Wednesday on the phone, on the net and at the bank trying to sort out that money transfer. I think it’s all set now and we can buy our house, which is real good because we already gave notice at our apartment. I’d hate to come home from vacation and be homeless.

Today we decided to finally get to the Ninja Museum in Iga. It’s about an hour and a half away. We left early in the morning. It was raining pretty heavily, but that enabled me to get some photos of some amazing fog enshrouded mountains on the way there. And then the sun suddenly came out just as we arrived in Iga city.

We visited Ueno castle and the Ninja museum at the base of the castle. Pretty cool. I learned a lot about Ninjas. 🙂 And got some cool souvenirs. Iga is one of the cities where Ninjas originated. They have a Ninja house there, which is an original house moved down from a nearby mountain. Lots of hidden doors and hatches and passageways. Started raining again and we headed back. More cool mountains.

I’m feeling more relaxed now that the money stuff is out of the way. Three more full days here, and nothing much planned. Miranda’s cousin is coming over to visit on Saturday, but that’s about it. Just going to relax and write and read. Sitting on the sofa now watching TV and making videos of Japanese commercials. 🙂

Lots more Ninja and foggy mountain photos here.

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