Japan Day 6 and 7. Monkeys and Mortgages

Jun 03 2008

Not much to report today. Spent Tuesday around town. Got back and discovered a problem with the money transfer to the US. Apparently as of September 2007, Citizens Bank of Massachusetts ceased to exist. It’s now RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) Citizens NA. Still trying to sort all that out and convince the bank to transfer the money. 🙁

Tuesday started out rainy, but the sun came out and it got incredibly hot and muggy. Managed to stay up til almost midnight. Went to bed and heard what sounded like a massive downpour of rain on the roof. Then it stopped. I realized it was … MONKEYS ON THE ROOF!!! I went to the back door and staked them out. I could hear them moving around and making monkey noises, but it was too damn dark to see anything.

Today the plan was to go to Iga to see the ninjas, but we need to sort out this bank stuff, which is why I am at the library on the internet, trying to get Citizens – I mean RBS Citizens NA’s – address. Hopefully the weather holds up another couple of days.

We got five more days here. I’m ready to come home actually. Tired of being illiterate. 🙂 And the bank stuff has put some tension in the air with Miranda and her mom.

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  • Chris Allen says:

    Man, sorry to hear about the bank problem. Rebecca and I had an experience like that on our honeymoon. Although our bank didn’t change names, they just blocked all of The Netherlands. 😉

    Anyway, no Monkey’s on the roof here in Jamaica Plain, but we have had rain. I hope you guys don’t stress too much about the bank thing and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    See you when I get back from FlashBelt.

  • admin says:

    Checked on line yesterday and the transfer made it through to my bank. So all should be good…. 🙂

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