Japan Day 3. Another day on the town.

Jun 01 2008

Woke up at 4:00 a.m. Kris and I had breakfast and went for a walk in the rice fields. It was drizzling a bit, so we took umbrellas. Eventually, Miranda and Obaachan woke up. Had some more breakfast.

The thing holding the pink umbrella is Kristine. 🙂

Miranda and I headed out and Kris stayed with Obaachan. We went to an Internet cafe and bought two hours on two computers. Blogged our heads off. I managed to get into iTunes, buy the season finale of Lost and get it onto my USB drive. Yay! When we were done there, it was lunch time. Co-Co Curry House this time. Yum.

The plan was originally to go to the Iga Ninja Museum, but it was pretty late by then, and it was raining pretty hard. So we decided to just go to a few other places – first “Book Off”, a famous chain of book stores. Miranda bought some manga, which she has been reading non-stop since we got here. 🙂 Then to Yamada Denki, a kind of Circuit City / Best Buy. Got a really cool drawing game for Kristin for the Nintendo DS. Teaches you to draw different animals and other things, then lets you interact with the drawings. I see my DS slipping from my hands… might be time to get another one. They have lots of fancy colors here. I also saw Populous for the DS here, which I’ve been waiting for. I was tempted, but will wait for the US version.

From there we hit Starbucks for a cool drink. It stopped raining somewhat, but was pretty muggy. Then back over to Caines. Miranda wanted to look at a flower she’d seen in the garden center yesterday and get the name of it. I managed to score a bunch of Feather razor blades, which was on my list. They are the best. Actually, too sharp for me right now, but eventually I’ll be able to handle them, I hope.

Then back home. Hung out for a while. I started working on chapter 2 of my next book. Still some work to do on chapter 1, but I need some stuff I don’t have access to right now. Dinner. Kristine’s bath. I watched Lost. When I finished that, I was the only one awake. I managed to stay up til 10:00 p.m.

No sign of the monkeys today. But apparently they are known fugitives. We even saw this poster:

It basically says to beware of monkeys, and don’t feed them, along with some mugshots.

So, not the most exciting day, but it’s all very good. It’s actually very therapeutic to have this kind of planned boredom at least once a year. Serious battery recharge mode. Tomorrow, Obaachan will go off to do her volunteer work, so we’ll be staying close to home during the morning. And probably won’t do anything big in the afternoon. There’s a big mall we drove by a few times that I want to go see. That might be the highlight of the day.

As for Kristine, she loved her day alone with Obaachan. It’s pretty amazing to see the two of them interact. Kris speaks a little Japanese, and Obaachan speaks a few words of English. So they sit there talking to each other all day in their respective languages, only understanding a word here or there, but having a great time together. Kris helped do the laundry, work in the garden, cook food, clean up, etc. And of course, Obaachan treats her like a princess, waiting on her hand and foot. She’s going to be impossible when we get back. 😐

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  • Craig says:

    Keith I was checking out your AS3 MinimalComps and thought I would check out your personal blog as well. From reading your books I knew that you were some how linked with Japan but I wasn’t sure how. I lived in Shiga Japan, near Hikone, for about 5 years, 3 years ago working for a Japanese company. I have to say these photos of Japan bring back some good memories. I now work as a Flash developer for msn.com (microsoft) and have not been back to Japan since and have only used Japanese a couple of times. Seeing the photo of “Book Off” and “Wonder Goo” made me crack a smile and laugh out loud. Have you ever been to or seen the store “Hard Off”? The curry at Coco Curry House rocks. Have you ever done the curry challenge there?

  • admin says:

    Craig, cool. We went down to Hikone last year. Visited Hikone castle. Haven’t seen Hard Off. And not heard of the curry challenge. Actually we did Coco Curry again today and I was stuffed with the normal size plate. Saw one guy eating a large. Looked scary.

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