Japan Day 2. Here and there.

May 30 2008

Drove around here and there with the family doing various errands. Bank, then a local shrine with some really cool waterfalls.

Yeah, come on, you’re jealous. Admit it. 😉


Then a bit of clothes shopping – Kristine got a new kimono, I got some funky Japanese t-shirts, then to lunch for “merry-go-round sushi”.

Then to the 100-yen store (equivalent to a “99-cent” store in the US) where we spent many, many hundred yen. Then grandma and Kristine went food shopping while Miranda and I went to Caines, which at first glance is exactly like a Home Depot – tools, wood, paint, building supplies, fixtures, outdoor furniture and garden supplies, etc. But you get about two thirds of the way through it and it suddenly turns into a Walmart – electronics, cosmetics, groceries, food court, pet store. Pets apparently include giant beetles:

After that Miranda and I went to the local library to get on the Internet and see if the rest of the world was still there. It was. I’ve been writing these blog entries on my Mac Book Pro and saving them, along with the photos I take, on a USB drive. The library computers are pretty locked down. No USB, so I couldn’t upload photos or copy over my posts. I did manage to check my email and squeeze in a Twitter or two. So tomorrow we go to an Internet cafe where, hopefully, we’ll have a bit more access. I’m also hoping to be able to get into iTunes and purchase the season finale of Lost and copy that back to my computer.

Got home, cooked up the food we’d bought, took a bath. Couldn’t for the life of me stay awake after that. So by around 8:00 p.m. popped a melatonin and hit the futon. Managed to sleep til 4:00 a.m. Not bad for day 2. Shift that another 2 or 3 hours and I’ll be all set.

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  • Beautiful! Man I love the greens in Japan. Where exactly are you – Nagoya (seems outside Nagoya a bit at least : ). We always flew into Nagoya before the Kansai airport was built (lived in Komatsu,Ishikawa and Gojo,Nara). Last summer we went for a month mid summer, and I spent most of it walking in the heat. It was the best experience every, beauty everywhere (and lost like 15 pounds, bonus ; ).

    Nothing like a visit to GiGi and BaBa’s! Hope you guys are all well, and have a 100% great time.

  • admin says:

    Yeah, we are about an hour outside of Nagoya in Kuwana-shi. A small town called Tado-cho. Having a blast. About to post some more adventures. 🙂

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