Knife #2 Begun

Jan 09 2015

When we last saw our hero, he had finished knife #1 and got some new steel for the next project.


The first step is design. With my other knife, I tried to get creative and realized that I don’t know anything about what makes a good knife design. This time I went with someone else’s design.


This is from the book Custom Knifemaking by Tim McCreight. Fantastic book that walks you through each step of the process.

I copied the drawing onto some graph paper, cut it out and glued it onto the steel.


Then used a hacksaw to cut out the rough shape.

I picked up a cheap belt grinder, which saved me lots of time in refining the profile here. Just ground down to the lines on the template. What you see in the next few photos represents all of about 2 hours work. Not horrible.

Next I drilled some holes in the handle. These are just to allow the epoxy to flow through when I glue the handle on, giving it more strength. There will be more holes later. I also started grinding the bevel on the aforementioned belt grinder. Here, I went in at about a 10 degree angle, which is too steep for this size blade. The bevel needs to extend further up the side of the blade. A short bevel like this is what they all a “scandi grind”. Not what I was going for.

Adjusted to about a 5 degree angle and this is much better.

Next comes the guard. This is a 3/16″ piece of brass. I cut out a small piece and cut a groove in it so it slots right into place.

A bit of preliminary shaping with files.

Mmmm… brass filings.


And I’ll start working on the handle. I have some 1/2″ walnut. Rough cut some pieces and planed them down a bit closer to 3/8″. They’ll need to be thinner, but that will come later.


And that’s about all I can do for now. I’m waiting on a few mailorder items. Some cutlery rivets and brass tubing for a hole for a thong. I need the exact size of the rivets and tubing to drill the rest of the holes in the blade. After that, I can heat treat and temper the blade. Then solder on the guard, epoxy the handle on, shape the handle, and install the rivets and tube.


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