Making a Knife, Part IV

Dec 23 2014

Here’s the spalted maple I’ve had sitting around for months. Actually, I have a couple of large chunks of this. I sliced off a half inch thick piece for this knife.


Planed down to a bit under 3/8″, cut, drilled, pegged.


And epoxied.


Potential problem. The hole for the front dowel is way too close to the bolster. It’s something I had a little attention on earlier and probably just should have drilled a new hole. If you look closely on the next photo, you can see that the wood split a bit when I put the dowel in. Looks about the same on the other side as well. Here, there even appears to be a little chunk of wood that blew out down by the brass. Argh. I’ll be filing and sanding most of that particular edge away to get it flush with the brass, so I won’t really know how bad it is until I get down there. My guess (hope) is that the epoxy will pretty much keep things together, but there may be a visible crack there. If it’s worse down there, I think I can just force some epoxy – maybe mixed with some sawdust – into any gap to fill it up and stabilize it. Oh well, things have gone remarkably well on this knife otherwise. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Lesson learned.


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