Making a Knife, Part III

Dec 22 2014

Made a bit of progress this weekend. Had other projects going on too, but I managed to get the bolsters attached. I countersunk the outer holes with a slightly larger bit, then cleaned all the surfaces and put the bolsters on with a thin layer of epoxy between them and the knife body, pins in place, clamped up and let that harden. Then  cut off the pins and used a jewelers cross-peen hammer to mushroom them down into the countersunk recesses.


I was super happy with how this came out. I’d actually done several test runs on a spare piece of brass, with different amounts of countersinking and different lengths of pin sticking out. They all turned out abysmally. I’m not sure why I felt the real deal might go ok, but it did, 4 for 4.

Then I followed this up with some sanding. This took off the high points of the pins and in a perfect world you wouldn’t be able to see the pins at all. Mine’s not perfect, but damn close for a first attempt. I’ll take it.

IMG_20141221_204227 IMG_20141221_204243 IMG_20141221_204307 IMG_20141221_204325

Next task is to make the handles. I’ve got some beautiful spalted maple that’s been sitting around for months waiting to be used for something special. I think it’s found its new home.

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