Making a Knife, Part 1

Dec 18 2014

Inspired by my success in making a nicker blade for a plane, I decided to have a go at creating a knife. I got some 3/4″ x 1/8″ O1 tool steel. This is surprisingly cheap. I paid around $8 for an 18″ piece, which should give me at least two knives.

Then I spent some time creating and refining a design. It probably sucks, but you need to start somewhere. Graph paper with 1/4″ grids is a good drawing medium for this step.

I cut out the final shape and sprayed it with some adhesive.


And glued that to the steel.


Cut it to rough length.


Then used an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel to do some rough shaping.




And a good old fashioned file to refine it.

Still lots of shaping left to go on the blade itself, not to mention the shape of the handle. I’ll go back and forth between the grinder for roughing it out and the file for refining it, I think. Eventually, if I get more into this, I’ll pick up a belt grinder, which should make things a lot easier. But I’m willing to put some elbow grease in it for this first time. More updates to follow.

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