Lamp Base Complete

Jul 12 2014

Well, I finally got the rest of the glazing bars done. So the frame of the lamp is essentially complete.


IMG_20140707_232144 IMG_20140707_232155 IMG_20140707_232214


Next up I need to make the panels for the very top and bottom of each side The top panels will have three holes in them and the bottoms will have a shape cut in them. Here are the pieces for the top. The bottom ones will come out of the board underneath.




Here are the top pieces fit into place. They are thicker than the groove, so I needed to plane down the back on each end. That’s part of the plan, not a mistake.


IMG_20140708_225535 IMG_20140709_185652


And the holes drilled in the top. They’ll be cleaned up and sanded smooth eventually.




And the whole lamp base with all panels in place.




And the bottom panel in detail.




I still need to make the top, which shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I’ve ordered some glass which should be in this coming week. I’ll have to cut the glass to size, at which point I can glue the whole thing up, tweaking everything for perfect fit. Then plane and scrape everything smooth. Then attach the top. Then think about finishing. Oh, and put an actual lamp base in it and wire it up. Alternately, it could just hold a candle.

At any rate, still lots of work to do on this baby.

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