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Jul 05 2014

Thought I’d show a bit more detail on some of the lamp construction. These mortises for the glazing bars are tricky. Not only are they only 1/8″ wide, but they have to bisect the rim of that groove, like so:



Here’s one of the glazing bars showing the half tenon. That fits into the mortise and ideally that puts the front of the glazing bar even with the front surface of the lamp.



Here’s a glazing bar in place, from the back and from the front. Not perfect, but I’ll be planing everything smooth after glue up, so it should be fairly decent.

IMG_20140705_082723 IMG_20140705_082730


And here are those half lap joints. Cut out the back half of one piece and the front half of another. They go together just right. I did a pretty good job on these so far.

IMG_20140705_082755 IMG_20140705_082811


And here we are with two sides in place. Pretty happy with the progress so far. It’s taking me maybe 10-15 minutes to chop each mortise, and then maybe 45 minutes to do all the tenons plus the half lap. So all told, 1 1/2 to 2 hours per set of glazing bars. If I had nothing else to do today, I could wrap this part of the project today. Maybe this weekend. Still lots of work to go after the glazing bars though.


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