Lamp progress

Jul 04 2014

Been back to the lamp. Got some new white oak in to redo the piece I totally messed up. It’s not a perfect match. A bit lighter and smoother grained, but it’ll have to do. Got that last piece redone and all the mortises and tenons done and now I have the full frame of the lamp done.



I spent a bit of time tweaking all 16 of those joints to make sure everything went together as square as possible with no gaps. Here you can see that piece from the new wood, which is quite a bit lighter. I think I’m going to eventually fume this with ammonia to darken it up, so hopefully that will even things out… or not.



Next come the glazing bars. Panes of colored glass will go on each of these side, plus one pane on the top. Each of the sides will have a couple of cross pieces forming … a … cross… like cross pieces tend to do. Anyway, I cut those out and planed them down to exact dimensions. One long vertical piece and a shorter horizontal piece per side.



Here’s how they’ll be laid out on each side. Now you can see that cross I so lamely tried to describe seconds ago.



These will be mortise-and-tenoned into the larger bars. That’s some tricky joinery as those glazing bars are 1/4″ thick. I’ll cut half of that away on each end to make a 1/8″ one-sided tenon, that fits into a 1/8″ mortise. That mortise has to bisect that 1/4″ lip between the outside face and the groove for the glass. The mortise then continues a bit deeper though, past the bottom of that groove. Hard to describe and I should have taken more pictures, but the result is that the glazing bars are firmly seated in place, and flush with the front surface. Here’s the first vertical bar in place.


Now I need to cut the horizontal mortice and tenons the same way.



Now, you might notice that those two bars will intersect in the middle. Since they can’t occupy the same space, I need to cut away half of each, in what I think is called a half lap joint.  I’ll be cutting the back part of the vertical bar and the front part of the horizontal bar, so that the horizontal bar seems to go behind the vertical.

Here’s where I started getting sloppy again. I marked one side of the recess, then marked the other and chopped out half the material in between. But… on the piece on the left, I made the second mark in the wrong direction. Ugh. I was very careful to do the next piece in the correct direction, but then realized that I did both of these on the front face of the vertical bar. This notch should be on the back. So two pieces wasted.



So, made a couple extra vertical pieces and tried again. Got it right this time and then cut the recess correctly on the horizontal piece as well. Google was nice enough to put a stupid fancy border around this image and do some creative blurring. I’m too lazy to get the unedited one and upload it again.



So now I have three more faces to do like this. That’s 12 more mortices and tenons, 3 more half lap joints, and hopefully, zero more goofs.

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