Time Out!

Jun 14 2014

Well, first major goof on this project. Was going along OK. I got the rest of the mortises cut on all the long pieces.


Then started doing the tenons on the cross pieces. Got one done, nearly perfectly. Started on the next one. Here’s what I did:


Not sure if you can see what’s going on there. The tenon is supposed to be just about where that groove is. The piece is an inch thick, so I needed to cut a quarter inch up from the bottom of the piece as seen in the picture, up to where the groove starts. And cut about 1/2″ down from the top, to just above the groove. I got it backwards and cut 1/2″ up from the bottom – right through where the tenon is supposed to be. Basically cut the tenon right off before it existed. There’s no really good way of fixing this that I can think of. The tenon is already cut correctly on the other end of this piece. Otherwise I *might* think about filling the groove, flipping it over and putting the tenon on the other edge. But no. And I have no extra wood at all to replace this piece. I don’t even have two pieces that I can glue together to make the correct size in both dimensions.

So, I’ve gone and ordered another hunk of white oak. I guess I’ll have plenty to spare now. Hopefully the piece I’m getting is a decent match. From what I could tell in the pictures I saw, it seemed to have similar color, grain and flakes. I guess we’ll see. But this project will be on hold for a bit until that arrives. Actually, I have eight more tenons to cut, and can probably do some of the other work after that, so I may not be waiting around that much anyway.

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